Representative's greetings


Thank you for visiting our homepage of H Y support co. ltd. This company usually helps the foreigners from various country of the world in the sector of introducing works in companies, hospitals and in the sector of care-giver. In the simple language we can think that foreigners means that they are new to japan. Foreigners in the japan are mainly facing the problems of language. We are also conducting Japanese language class for the new comers once a week. They can enjoy the class of Japanese language on the behalf of doing work. We are rewarding the staffs in various way in order to encourage them to do much better as they do now. Satisfaction of the staffs is the mission of our company.

1Lot of companies in the sector of care-giver and engineering.
Before entering japan, there is a great conflict of having companies or not. But we have a lot of companies and care-giver center so no need to worry about work.
2Supporting for the first time comers in japan.
We will provide the hostel facilities and the language classes for the first time comers in japan. We will guide the staffs to their daily activities and provide them legal advice related to city hall office and immigrations. We will also help to find the apartments too. Please feel free to ask us
3Comprehensive educational support and career up system.
A person having entire desire of long term hard laboring and the person who wants to bear the responsible position, we will motivate them by encouraging their leadership work. We will provide educational curriculum activities making them strong to challenge the Japanese environment.
At last, please feel free to ask any kind of question related to us so as to make you more comfortable and safety before entering japan and after entering japan. We are very glad to help you. We are waiting your entry in japan. Our company is ready to welcome the hard laboring, sincere and effective manpower in japan

Company Profile

Name of the company H・Y support co. Ltd
Chief executive officer ONAGA HIROSHI
Chief operating officer ONAGA YUKIKO
TEL 81-58-214-9491
FAX 81-58-214-9492
Address PO.BOX 500-8358
Gifu ken gifu shi rokujyo minami 2-12-13 wapin
building 101
Capital 46million
Our services ・Dispatch of specific labors
・International marketing business
・Software services
・Human resource development support, carrier consultant
・Business matching, dispatch of expert manpower, consulting of hiring recruitment strategy